Grieving is a normal reaction to loss that every person will experience at some point during his or her life. This could include the loss of a job, a friend, and especially the loss of a loved one. Grief can also come as the result of a loss from a positive change in life such as moving for a new job or getting married.

Each person reacts to grief differently. Some theories of grief emphasize stages that tend to unfold in a chronological progression, but more recent studies tend to emphasize tasks of grieving that are unique for each person (Worden). The grieving process is often misunderstood and much more complicated than we realize. This can be a very lonely time because it feels as though no one can understand or relate to what you are going through. Ultimately, if not processed well, grief can lead to depression or other mental and physical illnesses.

The counselors at Waterstone Counseling Center are here to serve those in Northwest Arkansas who are going through any stage of grief. They will guide you through the process of accepting the loss, experiencing the emotions of grief, and making meaning out of your experience.

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