Sexual addiction takes a devastating toll on marriages and romantic relationships.  Spouses and partners need support and healing to cope with the range of emotions and difficult experiences caused by being in a relationship with a sex addict. 

The Spouses/Partners of Addicts Women’s group is a confidential support group led by licensed counselors. This group seeks to support women who are affected by their husband or partner's addiction. Through talking about the pain that the spouses/partners are experiencing; the healing begins and the spouses/partners are better able to cope. We see phenomenal growth as women work through the Codependency No More Workbook by Melody Beattie and continue their growth through working the steps of healing. The group also works through Facing Codependence by Pia Mellody, Shattered Vows by Debra Laaser and Mending A Shattered Heart by Stefanie Carnes.

Here is what a typical Spouses/Partners of Sex Addicts Women's group meeting looks like: We meet together for 90 minutes. The group members will begin with check-in for their own accountability (using a recovery plan). We have found this to be important because as we look around at the faces of the women there, we see them begin to connect with other women who are hurting and we no longer feel alone in our pain. We then process and share one another's work in the "Codependency No More" workbook.

The last 30 minutes is a time that the group can work on issues with a variety of topics that are brought by group members and pertain usually to issues the group members are experiencing in their immediate lives.

We find that the issue of sex addiction is so emotionally draining, and the stories of the women attending are all sad, that we want to leave on a happier note and provide hope for the women who feel there is none. We close the meeting with a reading that provides promises and hope for the future.

Space is Limited, so please call prior to attending.

Cost: $55 per session, per person

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